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Endodontic surgery

The surgical form of root canal treatment is the last option for retaining a tooth if the retreatment was not successful.

An endo-surgical intervention can become necessary in rare cases if:

  • an extended diagnosis is necessary due to indeterminate, still existing complaints
  • not the whole root canal system has to be cleaned and disinfected because of an anatomically very complicated situation
  • especially resistant bacteria remain in branches or on the root surface
  • if the root surface is damaged for various reasons

During the intervention, the dentist first peels away the flesh of the gum in the area of the root tip. This is necessary in order to get to the bone lying underneath.

In the next step, all of the inflamed or infected tissue can then be removed. During this, the furthest end of the root, the root tip, is also removed.

Afterwards, the inside of the root is cleaned from the tip. It is here practical to use optical magnifying aids, such as e.g. magnifying spectacles or a dental microscope, in order to find possible non-treated anatomical structures of the root canal system.

In order to seal the root canal system for the long term, a special filling is inserted from the root tip. During the following months, the bone material heals around the root end.

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