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Root canal treatment

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The first root canal treatment is usually carried out in one or two treatment sessions and comprises the following steps. So that the treatment can be carried out painlessly, the tooth is frequently locally anaesthetised. A small elastic dental dam cloth (rubber dam) is then applied to the tooth to keep it free from saliva and bacteria during the treatment. The tooth crown is then opened and the pulp chamber is cleaned. Then the root canals are found and extended with small files. This "extension" allows the cleaning and disinfection of the whole root canal system.

Optical magnifying aids (magnifying spectacles or operating microscope) are very useful for the individual work steps, for recognising and treating the fine and highly branched anatomy of the dental root canals in the course of the treatment. The root canal system with its main and side canals is cleaned, disinfected and shaped under visual control wherever possible.

After the shaping, cleaning and disinfection, the cavity is filled with a plastic sealing material. As a final step, the access point in the tooth crown is sealed with a bacteria-tight and strong filling. Prepared in this way, the tooth can be built up again or – as in most cases – provided with a crown.

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