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What are the costs of an endodontic treatment?

The costs of a root canal treatment vary depending on what is involved. Normally, the cost of a root canal treatment or a tooth reconstruction are lower than for the alternative therapies. Because if the tooth is lost, the gap that occurs usually has to be painstakingly reconstructed.

On 01.01.2004 guidelines were passed by the legislature that severely limit the possible reimbursement for root treatments by statutory health insurance. According to the fifth volume of the Social Code, a treatment must be sufficient, appropriate and cost-effective according to the guidelines of the statutory health insurance. Only the dentist in charge of the treatment can decide whether a treatment may be carried out at the expense of the public health system.

In all other cases, the treatment must be charged for in accordance with the official German scale of charges for dentists (Gebührenordnung für Zahnärzte (GOZ)). This was newly passed by the legislature in 2012. The GOZ lists all standard services in endodontic treatment and also includes the conditions according to which the services must be rendered, which are also medically necessary and could not have been compiled by the legislature in addition.