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What myths have gathered around the subject of root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment hurts!

No. Thanks to correct and modern anaesthetic and treatment techniques, the treatment cannot be felt or can hardly be felt.

A root-canal-treated tooth is dead!

No. With an endodontically treated tooth, only the endodontic cavity inside the tooth is treated. The tooth itself is supplied by the periodontium just as it is before the root canal treatment.

A root-canal-treated tooth breaks more easily!

Not because of the root canal treatment. The dental hard material is not changed by the root canal treatment. Because a large whole is often present, however, the tooth's own stability is reduced.

This is usually the reason why the root canal treatment becomes at all necessary in the first place. Because of this, it can be the case that the tooth must be provided with a crown after the treatment, in order to replace the portion that has been lost and to thus stabilise the tooth again.

A root-canal-treated tooth releases toxins!

No. This has NEVER been soundly scientifically proven.

A root-canal-treated tooth has an influence on the health of the entire body!

No. It is not the correctly root-canal-treated tooth that has an influence on general health, but the inflammation of the jawbone, which is why a root canal treatment sometimes becomes necessary.