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What should I do in the event of a dental accident?

You should certainly go straight away to your dentist or – in the case of serious facial injuries - a hospital (preferably an oral and maxillofacial clinic). Pieces of teeth or knocked out teeth found at the place of the accident should always be kept damp (see also under "Permanent Teeth") or in a so-called tooth-rescue box (if available) and handed over to the dentist/doctor in charge of treatment. If the accident has happened at school, at playschool or at a sports venue, ask if such a tooth-rescue box is available. If a doctor or emergency doctor is on site, then inform them, if applicable, that tooth fragments or knocked-out teeth are available.

Do not ignore supposedly harmless injuries either. In these cases too, you should go to the dentist too with your child. This is also important for insurance legal reasons because of possible secondary damage.

Check whether your child has been vaccinated ("vaccination record") against lockjaw ("tetanus"). In the case of external grazes, mucus membrane injuries and the reinsertion of knocked-out teeth, it is urgently necessary for there to be vaccination against lockjaw or for it to be refreshed within 24 hours.